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Another fabulous story in Kessler's DWC series: Book #2

Dance in the Moonlight (Dark War Chronicles) (Volume 2) - A.L. Kessler

In this the 2nd full length book from A.L. Kessler’s dark war chronicles we are introduced to two more characters from this world. Coran is a centuries old werewolf with a past filled with mistakes, pain and loss. Taken into Lucius’s territory after being tricked and abused at the Circles hands he finds himself working in a Lykae run bar, a safe haven for those of the supernatural world. Keep your head down, fight when needed and don’t ever think about the past. 

Renee is your average normal mid 20’s human college student. Not a care in the world other than getting through finals. But on the night of her birthday a downtown club outing turns her life around. Seeking a place to hide from creatures that are chasing her she finds herself face to face with Coran and a chance meeting may turn into a not so gentle kick in the ass from fate. Attraction is immediate but Coran isn’t willing to risk suffering more of the pain he still feels from his last mate’s death. Renee digs Coran but is overwhelmed by the world she’s been dropped into. With a recent random package at her sub apartment door, she finds herself in possession of an evil stone that both factions want in their grip. She of course had no idea what it is or that it’s the source of the recent strange activity in her life. But with the return of her ability to see “shadows” on the people around her she’s coming to the realization that her life may never be normal again. And though she wants nothing more than to go back to school and be the normal human, she has to decide what she wants more: normalcy or a werewolf who makes her blood boil.

I loved Kessler’s first DWC book, In the Light of the Moon, and I am more than impressed by the 2nd. Kass, a naughty little panther from Light, makes an appearance and we are brought back to Lucius, a ruthless Vampire intent on controlling his territory with an iron fist. We really get to see some of his thought-process in this book and I just love it. We also get better acquainted with the other side of this war, The Vampire rule-makers (and breakers) the Circle. And the tricksy and hell bent on destroying the world, Marcus. Who I know will play a massive role from this book forward. We also meet the Hunters. An ancient secret society in place to protect the human population from naughty vamps. I’m hopeful that future stories will intertwine with this organization or maybe have some spin offs which there should be ample opportunity for.

This book is big on story-line and bringing you into the world. If you’re looking for your normal smut smut and more smut this wouldn’t be the way to go. The heat is small but intense in this book and I feel that it’s the perfect level for the story. Though it could stand on its own I think it’s a much better idea to get the first book and start from there to really understand all that’s going on.


Born in Chains- Caris Roane Book 1 ( Men In Chains )

Born in Chains - Caris Roane

A fabulous new world, full of vampires, chains, lust, danger and love! Caris does it again!!!

In this first installment of the Men in Chains series, she introduces us to the world of the Ancestral Vampire. Immortal and powerful beyond imagination, Ancestrals live, secretly, in the many cave systems around the world. But their leadership has been corrupted by Daniel, a very old, powerful and sadistic vampire, and trafficking of human drugs and human sex slaves is on the rise.

Enter our hero Adrien, a beautiful 400 year old vampire with a painful past and bitterness towards humans. Absolutely gorgeous, as any good hero is, Adrien's got some issues stemming from his upbringing and a pretty big hostility towards humans. But he's powerful and kind and believable!

Lily is on this mission to save something from her past that was taken from her 2 years before when vampires killed her family. But of course she can't tell Adrien. I like this chick. She's no nonsense and keeps to her mission regardless if she's chained, literally to a hot stud muffin of a vampire.

I love that the journey they take together for the mission is actually the journey that they have to take for themselves and for each other. There are road bumps and obstacles that have to be dealt with but each of them has to deal with some of their own issues in order to get to the next stop. A hallmark of Caris's novels is the limits that the leads have set upon themselves with history or experience and how fate has led them to a point where they have to deal with those limits. They can't go forward because they are scared of something. Why are they scared? And Is it worth it? It's these elements that make this book and Caris's others so satisfying for me.

There is a lot of travel in this book. We jump all over the globe and see some pretty interesting settings with another of Caris's great ideas, Altered Flight! These vampires can fly through solid objects like buildings and mountains!

The heat level in this book is pretty high and I was pleased with some of the creative directions she went in in the bedroom. Hot, hard, intense and rough, Caris always keeps sex to a high class level that I appreciate in the romance genre.

The only thing I could wish for in this book was that it was longer and we had more time to spend with Adrien and Lily.

I give this book 5 stars because I could read it without stopping as in I MUST turn the page, even if it makes me late for work. And I will re-read it again in the future.

And I cannot wait till the release of the next in the series Chains of Darkness Coming in April 2014!

I strongly recommend Caris Roane's
Ascension SeriesAscension (The Guardians of Ascension)
and her
Blood Rose SeriesEmbrace the Dark (The Blood Rose)


In the light of the Moon- A.L. Kessler

In the Light of the Moon (Dark War Chronicles #1) - A. L. Kessler

Fast paced and intense. Descriptive and captivating. The characters' dynamics grow and twist as you read. Jaxon and Kass are a great pair that you just can't help yourself from loving and praying desperately that fate, and Kessler, are on their side. Oddly, my favorite character in this book is Lucius, the villain from the prequel short story, Touch of Night (I strongly suggest reading that first!). He's got twists and turns, viciousness and a well hidden compassion, and a sense of protection for all of his people, however strangely he goes about showing it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he's featured quite a bit in the next books and that we get a continuation of Jax and Kass's relationship. As a new and up and coming author, it's obvious that Kessler has a knack for writing with lycans, paranormal, and romance. There are so many opportunities for continuing the story in this book and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series!

I also suggest you check out her stand alone pieceMidnight Symphony

Caris Roane's Embrace the Magic

Embrace the Magic - Caris Roane

Another GREAT book from Caris Roane. The second in the blood rose series is packed full of steamy romance, magic, blood, hot vamps and strong beautiful ladies. She has a way of writing about scents and flavors that make you want to go to a store and start sniffing the entire spice isle. Ethan and Samantha, our cross species couple, lead us on a journey through passion, war, passion, regrets and insecurities, and, yes!, another healthy dose of passion. A definite must read in the Paranormal Romance world! I would suggest reading the first in the series Embrace the Dark (The Blood Rose) but its not necessary to follow the story!

I also suggest her wonderful Ascension (The Guardians of Ascension)series. More delicious men and beautiful women, vampires, wings, passion and scents that will drive you crazy!!